Personal Myth: a Writer’s Guide to Knowing Thyself

Had a lot of fun talk about writing and what it’s got to do with our personal myths today at All The Way YA. Thanks for having me!

All The Way YA

We all have our stories. In fact, we’ve pretty much lived for stories since we figured out how to communicate. One of my most treasured memories is sitting in the passenger seat of our beat up hatchback as a kid while my mom told me the story of how the goats were able to get across that dang bridge with the troll protecting it. Sometimes, if I was really lucky, she’d recap an episode of a show I was too young to stay up for.

That woman could build some tension, let me tell you.

In elementary school, I played “teacher” with my stuffed animals. Sometimes I would even force my friends to be my students (waves at the ones who still speak to me). When I was done “teaching,” I would sit at my old-fashioned, garage sale school desk and write stories. Words have always had power over me…

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