All About Savage, by Nicole Conway

Never send a hero to do a monster’s job.

Forty years have passed since Jaevid Broadfeather brought peace to Maldobar and Luntharda. But that fragile truce will be tested as darkness gathers on the horizon. The vicious armies of the Tibran Empire have crossed the far seas and are threatening to destroy Maldobar completely. Not even the dragonriders can match the Tibran war machines. And after an attempt to awaken Jaevid from his divine sleep fails, the fate of Maldobar is looking grim.

Reigh has never known what it means to be a normal human. Raised amongst the gray elves in the wild jungle of Luntharda, he’s tried everything to fit in. But the dark power within him is bursting at the seams—refusing to be silenced. And while his adoptive father, Kiran, insists this power must be kept secret, Reigh knows he’s running out of time.

As Maldobar burns, the world is desperate for a new hero. Destiny has called, and one boy will rise to answer.

Savage Book Cover

Who is your favorite character from SAVAGE and why?

The main character, Reigh, really captured my heart from the beginning. There’s just so much about him that I relate to. He’s imperfect and is well aware of it. He has a temper and is a little cocky and sarcastic. He compulsively makes reckless choices and tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve. He doubts himself, questions his purpose, and is desperate to find something that makes him feel like he belongs. But most of all, Reigh fears the dark power within him. He yearns for any opportunity to prove to himself and everyone else that he isn’t a mistake or a monster. It’s all Reigh’s flaws that really make him endearing because beneath it all, we still get to see his heart. Reigh is a good person. He loves as fiercely as he fights. He’s a boy looking for the right path into manhood, and we’re walking this treacherous road right along with him.

A little about the author:

Savage Author

NICOLE CONWAY is an author from North Alabama. She graduated from Auburn University in 2012, and has previously worked as a graphic artist. She is happily married and has one son as well as a cat and a dog. She enjoys blogging, traveling, cooking, and spending time with her family.

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